Cantina Valpolicella Negrar

Concorso di idee YAC - Recupero ed ampliamento


Year: 2014
Design Team: Cecilia Tosto, Giulia D'arco, Gisella Calcagno


From the Lessinia Mountains shape and morphology comes out our design for the Wine Culture Centre, an architectural object thought as a monolith cut by two parallel planes. One of those planes acting in the side drawing generate the wooden walkway leading to the first floor, metaphor of human hand signs mimicking natural shapes to climb the top of mountains.

The garden we designed is just a portrait of the surroundings with its differences in height, straight cuts and clean lines, resembling the vineyard hills. Like dryers full of purple grapes in the sun, massive solar modules wind the southwest facade and the roof, providing energy and a stylish touch to the building. Preexisting industrial silos inspire the interiors of the Museum and their design is applied to glazed cylinders, to represent a new “cultural fermentation”. In its basement there is the drying warehouse where we created a stocking system based on convertible storage boxes-auditorium tiers.
With its contemporary mimicking of natural and ancestral landscape design, united with wine culture and traditions focused point of view, this project represent a sort of Manifesto of equilibrium between nature and mankind, co-existing and becoming one thing.

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